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The Civil Service Senate is part of the larger University Senate governance system, which includes the University Senate, Faculty Senate, P&A Senate, and Student Senate. It is a 50-member body that represents Civil Service employees at the University of Minnesota. Members are elected by Civil Service employees throughout the University. The Civil Service Senate's responsibilities include but are not limited to matters concerning the employment conditions of Civil Service employees.

Through its executive committee (the Civil Service Consultative Committee) and subcommittees, the Civil Service Senate works in the areas of: benefits and compensation, communications, and the Civil Service Employment Rules. Each year the Civil Service Senate strives to become more involved in University governance, and continues to support the University's mission of teaching, research, and service.

2020-21 Civil Service Senate

Civil Service Senate Chair

Terry Beseman

Terry Beseman



Civil Service Senate Chair-Elect

Missy Juliette

Missy Juliette




Bobbie Erichsen

Bobbie Erichsen
Senate Associate
University Senate Office