Outstanding Service to University Senate Governance Recognition


To recognize faculty, P&A, and civil service employees, who have made a significant impact on University Senate governance, demonstrated a longstanding commitment to University Senate governance, and served as an inspiration to others.


Must be a current member of the faculty or staff who has personal knowledge of the nominee's contribution/impact, length of service, and examples of how he/she has inspired others to serve in University Senate governance.


Must be a current member of the faculty or staff who has served at least six years (does not have to be consecutive years served) as one or more of the following: member or chair of a University Senate committee or subcommittee, University senator, P&A senator or alternate, Civil Service senator, University Senate parliamentarian, or University Senate clerk (Note: the University Senate Office will confirm nominee's eligibility and provide nominator with nominee's record of service). Click here for information about the senates and committees.

Note: P&A employees who served on the Council of Academic Professionals and Administrators (CAPA) and/or the Academic Staff Advisory Council (ASAC) and civil service employees who served on the Civil Service Committee (CSC) may count these activities toward their years of service.

Selection Process

A selection committee, comprised of faculty, P&A, and civil service members from each of the respective consultative committees, may select up to one individual from each employee group for this recognition annually. The selection committee will have the final authority to grant the recognition.


Recipients will be recognized at the May 2, 2019, University Senate meeting and presented with a certificate of appreciation signed by the chair of the Senate Consultative Committee and the University president.

For questions about Outstanding Service to University Senate Governance, contact the University Senate Office at senate@umn.edu or 612-625-9369.

Nomination Deadline

The nomination deadline for the 2019 award is March 22, 2019.

Submission of Nomination Form

Save completed nomination form as a PDF document with the file name formatted as such: 2019.Governance Recognition.Last Name of Nominee and submit using this Google Form.