The Weekly Update

Friday, October 22, 2021

Approved minutes of senates and their committees are posted on Fridays, when available.

Student Senate Consultative Committee (SSCC), September 10, 2021
In these minutes:
 SSCC Member Updates; Administrative Response to the Resolution on COVID-19 Policies for Students; Moving the Next SSCC Meeting from Friday, 10/1/21 to Friday, 9/24/21; Debrief of Student Senate Retreat; Docket Planning for September 30, 2021 Student Senate Meeting; Update on PEAK Initiative

Student Academic Integrity Committee (SAIC), September 15, 2021
In these minutes:
 Overview of the University Senate Governance Structure and Committee Charge; Overview and Discussion of Illicit Online Resources (e.g. Chegg); Discussion on Proctorio; Solicit Agenda Topics from Committee Members

Senate Consultative Committee (SCC), September 20, 2021
In these minutes:
 COVID Vaccine/Testing Attestation Process for Faculty, Staff, and Students; Administrative Policy Review: Adding, Changing, or Discontinuing Academic Plans; Updates from Chair Patterson; Approval of the September 30 University Senate Agenda

Classroom Advisory Committee (CAS), September 20, 2021
In these minutes:
 Committee Orientation; Twin Cities Master Plan

Disabilities Issues Committee, September 20, 2021
In these minutes:
 Consultation with Task Force on Disability Accommodations in the Learning Environment; Committee Orientation; Topics for the Year

Senate Committee on Finance and Planning (SCFP), September 21, 2021
In these minutes: 
University Senate Orientation; President’s Recommended 2020 Six-Year Capital Plan and 2021 State Capital Request; Dining Update; PEAK Initiative

Senate Committee on Student Affairs (SCSA), September 22, 2021
In these minutes:
 Overview of the University Senate Governance Structure and Committee Charge; Elect One Student as Ex-Officio Member on the Student Senate Consultative Committee (SSCC); Overview on International Student Issues Caused by the Pandemic; Discussion of Ideas and Issues for the Academic Year

Benefits Advisory Committee (BAC), September 23, 2021
In these minutes:
 Review BAC Charge; COVID-19 Update; Employee Benefits Update; UPlan Health Program Name; 2021 Retiree Medical Rates and Benefits Changes; January - June, 2021, Semi-Annual Report

Campus Safety Committee, September 27, 2021
In these minutes:
 University Senate Governance Orientation; Recommendations from the Senate Committee on Committees Regarding the Campus Safety Committee; Updates on the M Safe Implementation Team; Discussion of Campus Safety Committee Charge and Membership

P&A Senate, October 1, 2021
In these minutes: P&A Consultative Committee Report; P&A Senate Meeting Expectations; Panel Discussion: Work. With Flexibility Policies and Guidance; Q&A Regarding Work. With Flexibility; Civil Service Senate Report; Student Senate Report; P&A Senate Subcommittee Reports; New Business

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