The Weekly Update

Friday, October 21, 2022

Approved minutes of senates and their committees are posted on Fridays, when available.

P&A Consultative Committee (PACC), September 15, 2022
In these minutes: 
Civil Service Consultative Committee Report; P&A Subcommittee Reports; P&A Consultative Committee Chair and Chair-elect Reports; Prepare for President Gabel’s Visit to October PACC Meeting; Wellbeing Program Review; Old Business / New Business: November and December PACC meeting

Social Concerns Committee, September 19, 2022
In these minutes: 
Committee Orientation; Topics for the Year; Carbon Pricing Request

Equity, Access, and Diversity Committee (EAD), September 19, 2022
In these minutes: 
Committee Orientation; Faculty Misconduct Task Force

Disabilities Issues Committee, September 28, 2022
In these minutes: 
Welcome New Twin Cities Disability Resource Center Director; Update on Professional Development on Accessible Learning Environments and Inclusive Course Design; Committee Orientation; Topics for the Year

P&A Consultative Committee (PACC), October 6, 2022
In these minutes: 
Visit with President Joan Gabel; Wellbeing Program Presentation and Q&A


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