The Weekly Update

December 22, 2017

Approved minutes of senates and their committees will be posted on Fridays, when available.

P&A Consultative Committee (PACC), October 26, 2017
In these minutes: ​Demo of and Consultation on Training on Responding to and Reporting Sexual Misconduct; Chair’s Report; Subcommittee Reports; Committee Discussion

Senate Committee on Finance and Planning (SCFP), November 7, 2017
In these minutes: ​Driven Campaign; Active Threat Presentation; Financial Implications of LE Curriculum Requirements

Senate Committee on Information Technologies (SCIT), November 14, 2017
In these minutes: ​Infrastructure Updates; Canvas/Unizin Adoption/Transition Update; Video Conferencing Hardware/Software Standards, Processes and Support

Civil Service Consultative Committee (CSCC), November 16, 2017
In these minutes: ​Vacation Donation Program and Fringe Rates; Employment Rules (final approval); JFS Discussion; Chairs Report; Subcommittee Reports

Faculty Consultative Committee (FCC), November 30, 2017
In these minutes: ​Conversation with Vice President for University Relations Matt Kramer; Conversation with President Eric Kaler; Conversation with Provost Karen Hanson


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