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General Resources

Committee Business Tracking

Find out what the committees are working on and track the progress of committee actions (statements, resolutions, letters, and policy changes)

Administrative Responses to Senate Actions

See what action the senates have taken and the administration's response to the action

Organizational Chart Learn about the structure and organization of University Senate governance
Path of a Resolution, Statement or Letter Find out how the various types of committee action move through the governance structure.
Senate & Committee Meeting Calendar View the meeting schedule for all University Senate governance bodies
The Weekly Update Sign up to receive new published minutes each week by email
University Senate Communications Protocol

Understand the University Senate governance protocol around listervs and mass emails.

Process of Consultation

Learn about the consultation process and why thorough consultation is important.

Rules of Decorum

Rules of decorum for senates and committees

Policy Review

Policy Review

Administrative Policy Review Matrix Find out which governance bodies consult on University administrative policies
Senate Committee Policy Review Procedure Information on the procedure, including deadlines
Board of Regents Policy Review Matrix Find out which governance bodies consult on Board of Regents policies
University Policy Library See all University administrative policies

Academic Calendars

Academic Calendars

Academic Calendars View academic calendars for all campuses for the next several years. Twin Cities, Morris, and Rochester academic calendars are approved by the Senate Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP). The Civil Service Consultative Committee sets the Twin Cities Campus floating holidays.

Benefits Advisory Committee

Benefits Advisory Committee

Benefits Advisory Committee Visit the Benefits Advisory Committee's web page

Senate Office Staff Resources

Staff Resources

University Senate Office Staff Intranet View resources and information for staff members (sign-in required)

Resources for Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs Resources

Best Practices for Committee Chairs Advice on how to prepare for meetings, run a meeting, etc.
Parliamentary Procedure Guide A quick guide to parliamentary procedure
Committee Tracking Requires sign in
Resolutions, Statements, and Letters Processes for taking various committee actions
Senior Leader Contact List Contact information for senior leaders and their staff
Office of the President The Office of the President's website
Board of Regents Staff Staff to the Board of Regents