2022-23 Committee Chairs and Staff

Senate/Faculty Consultative Committees Colleen Flaherty Manchester Bobbie Erichsen
Student Senate Consultative Committee Pavan Guttipatti Chris Kwapick
P&A Consultative Committee Adolfo Carrillo Cabello Geanette Poole
Civil Service Consultative Committee

Tony Fussy

Missy Juliette
Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee Eric Van Wyk Geanette Poole
All-University Honors Committee Timothy Johnson Erin Heath
Benefits Advisory Committee Dale Swanson Chris Kwapick
Campus Safety Committee Edgar Arriaga Erin Heath
Council on Liberal Education Kathryn Pearson Katie Russell
Disabilities Issues Committee David R. Johnson Amber Bathke
Educational Policy, Senate Committee on  Thomas Chase Amber Bathke
Classroom Advisory Subcommittee James Cotner Amber Bathke
ROTC Subcommittee Joan Howland Missy Juliette
Equity, Access, and Diversity Committee Barbara Peterson Amber Bathke
Faculty Academic Oversight for Intercollegiate Athletics Committee Susan Meyer Goldstein Chris Kwapick
Faculty Advisory Committee on the Health Sciences TBA Erin Heath
Faculty Affairs, Senate Committee on  Clifford Steer Geanette Poole
Retirement Subcommittee Aileen Lyle Geanette Poole
Finance and Planning, Senate Committee on  Elizabeth Davis Missy Juliette
Health Sciences Student Consultative Committee


Erin Heath
Information Technologies, Senate Committee on  Michelle Driessen Missy Juliette
Intercollegiate Athletics Committee Susan Meyer Goldstein Chris Kwapick
Judicial Committee, Senate Ron Krebs Amber Bathke
Library Committee, Senate Lauren Martin Geanette Poole
Research Committee, Senate Carston Wagner Missy Juliette
Senate Committee on Committees Alon McCormick Bobbie Erichsen
Social Concerns Committee Linda Frizzell Amber Bathke
Student Academic Integrity Committee Kenneth Leopold Chris Kwapick
Student Affairs, Senate Committee on Adrienne Conley Chris Kwapick
Student Behavior, Campus Committee on  JaneAnne Murray Chris Kwapick
Student Committee on Committees TBA Chris Kwapick