2023-24 P&A Senate

P&A Senate Chair

Whitney Taha Frakes

Whitney Taha Frakes
University Services Human Resources
[email protected]




P&A Senate Chair-elect

Kit Breshears Outside

Kit Breshears
Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing
[email protected]



P&A Senate Past Chair

Adolfo Carrillo Cabello

Adolfo Carrillo Cabello, Ph.D.
CLA Language Center
[email protected]



Geanette Poole

Geanette Poole
Senate Associate
University Senate Office
[email protected]





Who are P&A?

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The P&A Senate is the voice of around 6,500 Academic Professionals and Administrators (P&A) at the University of Minnesota. The senate is an elected representative body that acts on behalf of all P&As, and enables P&As, through shared governance, to exercise their right to participate in the University's governance.

The senate is an advocate for P&A views on University planning, governance, resource allocation, and all other University of Minnesota policies and practices. We are key partners in University governance; to that end, the senate works in four primary areas: benefits and compensation, communications, outreach, and professional development and recognition, as well as providing representatives to relevant University committees and task forces.

P&As work in all 20 job families throughout the University system. P&A job functions include conducting research, teaching students, directing programs, counseling faculty, staff, and students, managing budgets, overseeing departments, and reaching out to citizens in all 87 Minnesota counties. In 1980, P&As constituted six percent of the University employee population. Currently, P&A make up about 25% of University employees.

All P&As are welcome to attend and participate in discussions at P&A Senate meetings. 

All P&As are also encouraged to submit issues for consideration by the P&A Senate.