The P&A Consultative Committee represents the P&A at large, rather than the individual campuses, institutes, colleges, schools, or departments of the University. The P&A Consultative Committee serves as the consulting body to the president and as executive committee of the P&A Senate.

All P&As are welcome to submit issues for consideration by the PACC and P&A Senate.

2023-24 P&A Consultative Committee Leadership

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Meeting Schedule

2023-24 Meeting Schedule

The P&A Consultative Committee meets Thursdays from 1-2:30 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

September 14, 20231-2:30 p.m.Online Via Zoom
October 12, 20231-2:30 p.m.Online Via Zoom
November 16, 20232-3:30p.m.Online Via Zoom
December 21, 20232-3:30 p.m.Online Via Zoom
January 18, 202412:30-2:00 p.m.Online Via Zoom
February 15, 20241-2:30 p.m.Online Via Zoom
March 21, 20241-2:30 p.m.Online Via Zoom
April 18, 20241-2:30 p.m.Online Via Zoom
May 16, 20241-2:30 p.m.Online Via Zoom

Committee members will be automatically added to a Google Calendar invite for these meetings at the beginning of the 2023-24 academic year. 

Committee Charge


The P&A Consultative Committee shall represent the P&A at large and not the individual campuses, institutes, colleges, schools, or departments of the University.

The P&A Consultative Committee shall serve as the consulting body to the president and as executive committee of the P&A Senate.


The P&A Consultative Committee shall consist of at least six voting members as follows and ex officio representation as specified by vote of the P&A Senate:

  1. A Chair;
  2. A Chair-elect;
  3. the Chair of the Benefits and Compensation Subcommittee;
  4. the Chair of the Communications Subcommittee;
  5. the Chair of the Outreach Subcommittee;
  6. the Chair of the Professional Development and Engagement Subcommittee.

These members shall be members of the P&A Senate at the time of election and elected by the P&A Senate. Members shall be nominated and elected subject to the following provisions:

  • A call for nominations for the chair-elect and subcommittee chairs shall be made via email to the P&A Senate and at a P&A Senate meeting. The call shall include a nomination form. All current P&A Senate members and alternates are eligible to run for these positions.
  • Nominations shall remain open for at least one month.
  • The chair-elect and subcommittee chairs shall be elected at a P&A Senate meeting from nominations received in advance of the meeting or those from the floor of the P&A Senate.
  • If there is a contested election for any office, subsequent runoff ballots shall be held among the candidates receiving at least 25% of the votes cast, until one candidate receives a majority of votes cast. In the case of a tie, another ballot shall be taken.
  • If any member is not re-elected by his or her unit constituency, or if that unit’s representation on the P&A Senate is changed, the member may continue to serve as on the P&A Consultative Committee if elected as a member and if their chair term limit has not expired.

Once elected, the P&A Consultative Committee chair and chair-elect will relinquish their unit-elected seats in the P&A Senate.

In case of a vacancy, the P&A Senate shall hold a special election until the next general election.

In the event that no candidate for the chair-elect is identified, the incoming chair will continue to fill the duties of the chair-elect until a special election is held to fill the chair-elect position.

Articles VIII, Section 2(d) of the Rules governing absences from committee meetings and Article I, Section 5 and Article VII, Section 4 of Bylaws governing absences from Senate meetings shall apply to the P&A Consultative Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities


a. To discuss with the president and other University officers issues or policies of the University of concern to P&A and, as appropriate, to make recommendations concerning such matters to the P&A Senate.

b. To initiate whatever studies it deems necessary and appropriate or to request such studies from the president or senior academic officers or from committees of the P&A Senate.

c. To consult with the president or senior academic officers on planning and on the annual budget and the biennial request.

d. To advise the president on procedures for making major administrative appointments and to participate in the selection process.

e. To receive from any P&A notification of concerns which may require consultation with the president or senior academic officers.


a. To superintend and direct all committees and subcommittees of the P&A Senate, which includes the authority to require that any committee or subcommittee of the P&A Senate report on any matter within its jurisdiction within 30 days.

b. To receive recommendations of any P&A who wishes to present a proposal to the P&A Senate and to refer or act upon such recommendations as it deems appropriate.

c. To route to the appropriate body all documents, proposals, or papers on any matter pertaining to the affairs of the P&A Senate.

d. To serve as a coordinating body between the president and the P&A Senate or a committee of the P&A Senate.

e. To be responsible for the preparation and distribution of the agenda for each meeting of the P&A Senate in accordance with the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules of the P&A Senate.

f. To recommend, with the approval of the P&A Senate, such rules of procedure as are not provided in the Constitution or Bylaws.

g. To keep the published Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules of the P&A Senate up to date.

h. To ensure a smooth leadership succession by appointing, no later than December 31, an ad-hoc nominations subcommittee consisting of no less than three P&A Senate members to solicit nominees for the chair-elect and subcommittee chair positions.


a. To serve as a deliberative body of the P&A Senate on all major items it deems necessary and appropriate.

b. To act on behalf of the P&A Senate when a decision is required prior to the next scheduled meeting of the P&A Senate and when a decision is required when it would not be possible to convene a special meeting of the P&A Senate in a timely fashion; such actions will be reported to the P&A Senate at its next meeting and the P&A Senate may then overrule the P&A Consultative Committee.

c. To examine any action taken respecting the University by the Board of Regents, the central administration, or by another individual or body having any relationship with the University.

d. To appoint or assist in appointing, when requested, P&A members of Senate and non-Senate committees.

e. To appoint special committees or subcommittees or to employ other devices which it deems necessary and appropriate.

f. To report regularly on any matters which, in its judgment, should be brought to the attention of the University at large or specifically to the attention and consideration of the P&A Senate.

g. To dispose of business which appears to be not germane to the purposes of the P&A Senate.

h. To make editorial changes in P&A Senate policies and documents (including the constitution, bylaws, and rules) to reflect changes in titles of administrative offices or officers; the changes will be reported to the P&A Senate for information.


a. To assess and monitor University policy and the administration thereof with the goal of achieving equity across employee groups and among individual employees.

b. To actively and regularly raise issues significant to P&A employees with University administration and governance.

c. To educate and engage P&A employees in issues and policy affecting the employee group.

Associated Policies

Past Chairs of the PACC

2022- 2023 Adolfo Carrillo Cabello

2021 - 2022 Scott Creer

2020 - 2021 Erin Heath

2019 - 2020 Noelle Noonan

2017 - 2019 Ian Ringgenberg  

2017 (Fall Semester) - Catherine St. Hill

2016 - 2017 Etty DeVeaux

2015 - 2016 Suzanne Vandergon

2014 - 2015 Katherine Dowd

2013 - 2014 Cynthia Murdoch

2012 - 2013 Ann Hagen

2011 - 2012 Steven Pearthree