The Senate Research Committee serves as the consultative body to the president and senior University officers on all major issues of and policies dealing with research at the University, such as grants management, intellectual property, and funding issues. The committee is expected to consider matters of University-wide policy or effect.

2022-23 Senate Research Committee Leadership

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Meeting Schedule

2022-23 Meeting Schedule

The Senate Research Committee meets Mondays from 2-4 p.m., unless otherwise noted. 

September 12, 2022 2-4 p.m. Online Via Zoom
November 7, 2022 2-4 p.m. Online Via Zoom
December 5, 2022 2-4 p.m. Online Via Zoom
February 6, 2023 -4 p.m. Online Via Zoom
March 13, 2023 -4 p.m. Online Via Zoom
April 10, 2023 2-4 p.m. Online Via Zoom

Committee members will be automatically added to a Google Calendar invite for these meetings at the beginning of the 2022-23 academic year. 

Committee Charge

Faculty Senate Bylaws, Article IV., Section 5


The Research Committee represents the interests of faculty, academic professionals, students, and civil service staff in research and support for research at the University.


The Research Committee shall be composed of: 

  • 15 faculty members, 
  • 2 academic professional members, 
  • 3 students, 
  • 1 civil service staff member, 
  • 1 postdoctoral fellow/associate, and 
  • ex officio representation as specified by vote of the Faculty Senate.

Faculty, academic professional, civil service, and student members shall be appointed by the Committee on Committees. Academic professional members must be eligible to serve in the Faculty Senate. Postdoc members shall be appointed by the Postdoctoral Association.

Duties and Responsibilities

a. To recommend to the Faculty Consultative Committee such policies as it deems necessary and appropriate with respect to research activities, facilities, personnel, and patents. 

b. To consult with and advise the president and senior academic officers on the stimulation of and support for research activities.

c. To assist in the evaluation of research programs within the University.

d. To speak for the faculty on governmental, industrial, and other private sector and foundation support of the research programs of the University.

e. To advise the Vice President for Research and the Dean of the Graduate School on matters relating to research.

(updated: 7/19/16)

Letters, Resolutions, and Statements

Associated Policies

Acquisition, Use, and Disposition of Donated Human Fetal Tissue for Research (Non-Transplantation) or Teaching

Acquisition, Use, and Disposition of Donated Human Fetal Tissue for Transplantation Research

Activities Involving Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents

Business Expenses

Charging of Facilities and Administrative/Indirect Costs to Sponsored Projects

Charging Sponsored Costs Outside the Award Period

Clinical Research Using Drugs

Conducting Research with Human Embryos or Embryonic Stem Cells

Copyright Ownership

Creating and Evaluating Interdisciplinary Centers

Direct Costs on Sponsored Projects

Education in the Responsible Conduct of Sponsored Research and Grants Management

Effort Certification

Export Controls

Fixed Price Contracts, Including Clinical Trials

For-Cause Investigations Related to Research Compliance Concerns

Individual Conflicts of Interest and Standards Governing Relationships with Business Entities

Managing Program Income Earned on Sponsored Projects

Offering Cost Sharing (including Matching and In-Kind Contributions) on Sponsored Projects

Open Access to Scholarly Articles

Openness in Research

Paying Human Subjects and Maintaining Confidentiality and 1099 Reporting

Procuring, Using, and Disposing of Donated Human Bodies Used for Research and Teaching

Protected Health Information

Radiation Safety

Reporting Inventions or Software Arising from Research

Research Data Management: Archiving, Ownership, Retention, Security, Storage, and Transfer

Research Misconduct

University Sponsor and Sponsor-Investigator IND/IDE and FDA Pre-Submission Requirements

Using Controlled Substances for Research