The Senate Committee on Student Affairs serves as the consultative body to the president and senior University officers on all major issues of importance to students at the University of Minnesota, such as admissions, registration, student health care, or student organization issues. The committee is expected to consider matters of University-wide policy or effect.

2024-25 Senate Committee on Student Affairs Leadership

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Meeting Schedule

2024-25 Meeting Schedule

The Senate Committee on Student Affairs meets Wednesdays from 2:30-4 p.m., unless otherwise noted. 

September 25, 20242:30-4 p.m.Online Via Zoom
October 23, 20242:30-4 p.m.Online Via Zoom
November 27, 20242:30-4 p.m.Online Via Zoom
February 5, 20252:30-4 p.m.Online Via Zoom
March 12, 20252:30-4 p.m.Online Via Zoom
April 16, 20252:30-4 p.m.Online Via Zoom

Committee members will be automatically added to a Google Calendar invite for these meetings at the beginning of the 2024-25 academic year. 

Committee Charge

Student Senate Bylaws, Article VI., Section 5


The Student Affairs Committee is concerned with all issues dealing with the welfare of students at the University of Minnesota.


The Student Affairs Committee shall be composed of:

  • 6 faculty/academic professional members, 
  • 12 students, 
  • 1 civil service staff member, 
  • 1 alumni representative, and 
  • ex officio representation as specified by vote of the Student Senate.

Student members shall exceed by at least one the total of other voting members. Faculty, academic professional, civil service, and student members shall be appointed by the Committee on Committees. The alumni member shall be appointed by the director of alumni relations.

Duties and Responsibilities

a. To formulate and recommend to the Senate policies pertaining to all student affairs and all University-registered student organizations that are not within the control or supervision of any other committee of the Senate.

b. To provide a comprehensive link between the University and all University student organizations in accordance with the defined relationship between the student organization and the University as described in the Policy on Registration and Classification of Student Groups for the Twin Cities campus and as defined by system campuses.

c. To be concerned with the general welfare of international students and the services and affairs that pertain to them.

d. To provide a link between health service staffs and the University community and to address problems in providing effective and efficient health care.

e. To be concerned with the safety of students, both on and off campus.

f. To recommend to the Senate Consultative Committee such actions or policies as it deems appropriate.

(updated: 7/19/16)