The Latest in Faculty Governance
No. 2
September 17, 2021

Recent Faculty Consultative Committee (FCC) efforts and action:

  • Discussed the appropriate mechanism for disciplining faculty who do not comply with the attestation mandate. (Consequences for staff and students are being discussed in the appropriate governance bodies.)

  • Voted to hold a special faculty senate meeting on September 23, 2021, for discussion of the provost’s proposal to create a special panel to review cases of faculty non-compliance with the attestation requirement. Learn more here. (FCC)

  • Consulted on plans by the deans with respect to responding to faculty non-compliance with attestation. (chair/vice-chair)

Upcoming/Ongoing efforts:

  • Follow up on faculty concerns about safety of our classrooms, including availability of PPE masks on UMarket; inability to know whether students in the classroom are vaccinated; and testing appointments at Boynton. (chair/vice chair)

  • Work towards creation of a standing governance (sub)committee to address the needs and concerns of fixed-term (contract) faculty and academic professionals (P&A) who have faculty-like responsibilities.

Note: The above actions and efforts may involve either the chair and vice chair or the full membership of the FCC.