The Latest in Faculty Governance
No. 4
October 15, 2021

Recent Faculty Consultative Committee (FCC) efforts and action:

  • A special Faculty Senate meeting was held on October 6, 2021, to discuss a resolution proposed by a group of faculty senators titled Resolution on Classroom Health and Safety under COVID-19. (FCC)
    • The resolution was slated for discussion only; however, the senate also voted to vote on the resolution. The resolution passed with a vote of 93 Ayes,12 Nays, and 4 abstentions.
    • A special meeting of the University Senate followed the Faculty Senate meeting where, once again, the resolution was slated for discussion only; however, the University Senate also voted to vote on the resolution. The University Senate voted to divide the “be it resolved” clauses and vote on each one separately. All seven clauses passed. 
  • Discussed and provided feedback on the Disability Access and Accommodations Recommendation Summary, including professional development requirements and resources for faculty. (FCC)
  • Immediate past FCC chair Phil Buhlmann joined Executive Vice President and Provost Rachel Croson to report at the Board of Regents meeting on academic lessons learned from the COVID pandemic. Professor Buhlmann conveyed the challenges faculty have had during the past 18 months and described some of the innovations made during this time. Chair Kendall J. Powell and Vice Chair Steven A. Sviggum, Board of Regents, expressed their gratitude to the faculty, sharing that they thought faculty have handled the pandemic extremely well and with great agility. (immediate past chair)

 Upcoming/Ongoing efforts:

  • Began follow-up conversations with provost and president on administration’s response to the resolution approved by Faculty and University Senates. (chair/vice chair)
  • Considering ways for the University, Faculty, Student, P&A, and Civil Service Senates to work collaboratively, especially on time-sensitive matters that have implications for more than one constituency. (chair/vice chair)