The Latest in Faculty Governance
No. 5
October 29, 2021

Recent Faculty Consultative Committee (FCC) efforts and action:

  • Executive Vice President and Provost Rachel Croson presented a draft of the administration's response to the Resolution on Classroom Health and Safety under COVID-19 at the October 25, 2021, Senate Consultative Committee (SCC) meeting for comments and questions, which included attendance by voting FCC members. This resolution was passed at the special October 6, 2021, Faculty and University Senate meetings. Note: The final response will be available in the docket in advance of the November 4, 2021, University and Faculty Senate meetings. (FCC)
  • Continued discussion of whether to formalize participation of Rochester campus faculty on the FCC (FCC).

Upcoming/Ongoing efforts:

  • Planning a work session with Student, P&A, and Civil Service Senate leadership on how senates can better work collaboratively on all matters that have implications for more than one constituency, especially on time-sensitive matters. (chair/vice chair) 
  • Participating in the search process for the University Senate Office director position that needs to be filled due to the upcoming retirement of Vickie Courtney in December 2021. (chair/vice chair)