August 12, 2020

As P&A employees, you may have seen changes to your paycheck. Here is a list of some common factors that may impact changes to your paycheck. You may have other factors affecting your paycheck that are unique to your employment status. If you have questions about your paycheck, you can contact OHR directly.

Systemwide Furlough and Pay Reduction Program

As of June 22, 2020, the University of Minnesota implemented the Furlough or Pay Reduction Program, which are cost-saving measures for all employees earning $60,000 or more. 

P&As are subject to the Pay Reduction Program and as such are entitled to voluntary time off, which is not mandatory to use. More information related to the Furlough and Pay Reduction Program can be found on the FAQ from OHR

27th Pay Date

In fiscal year 2021 (July 1, 2020–June 30, 2021), University employees will be paid 27 times instead of the typical 26. Faculty and P&A employees paid over 12 months will see a slight change in their biweekly amount of pay during fiscal year 2021. The Office of Human Resources has created a four-and-a-half-minute video that explains the reason for 27 pay dates and how different employee groups are affected. Find more details on the 27th pay date here.

Before and after Tax Deductions

For more information about a particular deduction, contact the appropriate area, such as Employee Benefits, Parking and Transportation Services (PTS), Recreational Sports, or charitable contributions.

Twin Cities-Specific Pay Information  

You may see changes to your paycheck related to parking, so you may find these FAQ from PTS helpful.

Additional before and after tax deductions may initiate from the Department of Athletics or the Northrop Concerts & Lectures series, and you can contact each area directly with questions. For information about Community Fund Drive deductions, contact Payroll Services.