August 12, 2020

This has been an unusually busy summer for the P&A Senate and P&A Consultative Committee (PACC). We have been working on a variety of concerns and issues related to campus safety and security, Title IX changes, and parental leave. 

Campus Safety & Security

P&A leadership continues to advocate on behalf of its constituency. We are working with University administrators on potential changes to ensure that staff and students who identify as black, indigenous, and people of color, are heard, that their concerns are validated, and that meaningful change happens. We are working diligently to ensure that staff is engaged in the process and that thoughtful decision making occurs around this issue. 

Title IX Consultation

Members of the P&A Senate and Consultative Committee met frequently in June and July, along with other governance leaders, to assist in developing the University’s response to Title IX regulation changes that have been mandated by the U.S. Department of Education. The regulations specify how educational institutions must respond to reports of sexual misconduct, and set detailed requirements for sexual misconduct investigations, hearings, and appeal processes.

Parental Leave Updates

Over the summer a small working group from the P&A Benefits and Compensation Subcommittee has been working with OHR to develop a checklist for individuals preparing to take parental leave or other employee leaves. The checklist is designed to support P&A employees in the process of requesting a leave and ensuring that they are able to understand the full scope of the applicable leave policies and benefits available to them. The checklist will be available early fall semester.