The Weekly Update

Friday, February 24, 2023

Approved minutes of senates and their committees are posted on Fridays, when available.

Student Senate, December 1, 2022
In these minutes:
 Administrative​ ​Response​ ​to​ ​Senate​ ​Actions​; Approval of the Minutes; Assembly/Association​ ​Updates; Student​ ​Senate/Student​ ​Senate​ ​Consultative​ ​Committee​ ​Chair​ ​Report​; Resolution to Increase Stipend Awards for Undergraduate Research Programs; Final Report on the Provost’s Task Force on Faculty Behavior in Graduate Education; Discussion with the Department of Public Safety Community Engagement Team

University Senate, December 1, 2022
In these minutes:
 Tribute to Deceased Members of the University Community; Approval of Minutes; President’s Report; Provost’s Report; Questions to the Provost; Senate Consultative Committee Report; Administrative Policy: Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus; University Senate Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules Amendments

Faculty Senate, December 1, 2022
In these minutes: Administrative Responses to Senate Actions; Approval of Minutes; Faculty Consultative Committee (FCC) Report; Questions to the FCC Chair; Task Force on Faculty Behavior in Graduate Education Recommendations; Listening Session for FCC on Internal Communications Pertaining to Labor Negotiations

Student Senate Consultative Committee (SSCC), January 20, 2023
In these minutes: 
Discussion with President Joan Gabel; SSCC Updates; Election of one Twin Cities SSCC Member to the Student Senate Nominating Subcommittee (SSNS); Approval of Student Senate Seat Allocation for 2022-23 Academic Year; Discussion on Potential Fairview/Sanford Merger and its Impact on the University


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