The Latest in Faculty Governance
No. 8
February 11, 2022

Recent Faculty Consultative Committee (FCC) efforts and action:

  • Hosted a town hall with faculty senators on February 3 that focused on identifying University policies or practices that could be introduced, amended, or sunsetted to help support faculty during the COVID-19 pandemic and in future years. Constructive ideas were gathered to share with administration. (Link to slides). 
  • Held initial debrief with Executive Vice President and Provost Rachel Croson and Vice Provost Rebecca Ropers on feedback gathered from the town hall. 

Upcoming/Ongoing efforts:

  • FCC will host conversations with groups of Regents over the next two weeks to discuss the faculty experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as racial justice issues. 
  • FCC will host an Intellectual Futures conversation on public perceptions of higher education and will discuss leading and working for a public institution in the current environment.