Campus Safety Committee

The Campus Safety Committee advises and consults with the president, the responsible senior administrators, and the Vice President for University Services on policies and major decisions relating to campus and public safety at the University. Board of Regents policy delegates immediate administration of public safety and University health and safety to the president, the central administration, the Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations, and various University officers across the system; this committee has no direct role in the day-to-day management of the departments.

Senate Committee on Student Affairs (SCSA)

The Senate Committee on Student Affairs serves as the consultative body to the president and senior University officers on all major issues of importance to students at the University of Minnesota, such as admissions, registration, student health care, or student organization issues. The committee is expected to consider matters of University-wide policy or effect.

2021-22 Senate Committee on Student Affairs Leadership

Student Academic Integrity Committee (SAIC)

The Student Academic Integrity Committee advises the executive vice president and provost and the administrative officers responsible for education, outreach, and sanctions related to issues of student academic integrity.

2022-23 Student Academic Integrity Committee Leadership

Social Concerns Committee

The Social Concerns Committee is concerned with the interrelationship between the University and the broader social community, as well as the nature and extent of the University's response to social concerns.

2022-23 Social Concerns Committee Leadership

Senate Committee on Committees (Senate ConC)

The Senate Committee on Committees appoints members of certain committees of the University Senate, Faculty Senate, and Student Senate, and advises the Senate Consultative Committee, Faculty Consultative Committee, and Student Consultative Committee on the committee structure of the University Senate, Faculty Senate, and Student Senate. 

2022-23 Senate Committee on Committees Leadership